Bereket Tarimak Milking Machine.

We are proud to be distributors of Tarimak milking machines in Kenya who have global manufacturing facilities to support our customers.

Bereket has the most durable machines in the world

With extensive Machine types and innovative manufacturing capabilities by Bereket, we are able to execute to the highest quality and reliability expectations in the dairy manufacturing industry.

Agricultural Machinery Industry. Ve Tic. Inc. Turkey is one of the leading organizations of the agricultural equipment sector, mainly produces products serving the dairy.

Since it started production in 1981, by continuously increasing the production capacity of agriculture to our country has become the most important manufacturer of milking equipment. Agriculture toInc. Fortunately milking machines and milking systems are used in many countries produced by.

Agriculture to Inc. market demand and milk farms technological needs considering our country carrying out the development of new products or outsource dairy livestock existing in the world the latest technology at reasonable prices and sustainable to provide access to technical support service.

Dairy producers and dealers of our relations, based on our many years have occurred in the dynamic flow of information with uncompromising quality and agriculture, improving the quality consistently. Correct installation of the milking equipment which is indispensable for the use of stable and efficient, informed service and maintenance applications, by the specialized technical personnel and experienced technical staff to dealers in agriculture is sustainable agriculture within 365 days to 24 hours.

Agriculture to AS, Production and Management Facility is located in Bursa, finished products produced in our sales service and spare parts supply services to our more than 100 domestic dealers, Sugar Beet Growers Cooperative are carried out by the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives.

Bereket-tarimak-milking-machine we support our customers with:

1 │ BRK 11 Electronic Pulsator

2 │ BRK 12 Electronic Pulsator

3 │ BRK Pneumatic Pulsator

4 │ BRK-32 Receiving unit

5 │ BRK 60 – 80 – 100 Receiving units

6 │ BRK Take-Off Cylinder

7 │ BRK Vacuum Valve

8 │ BRK-08 CIP Controller

9 │ BRK-09 CIP Controller

10 │ YUVAC 180 Vacuum Pump

11 │ YUVAC-350 Vacuum Pump

12 │ Yuvac-750 Vacuum Pump

13 │ BRK-1500 Vacuum Unit

14 │ BRK-2200 Vacuum Pump

15 │ BRK-180 Vacuum Unit

16 │ BRK-350 Vacuum Unit

17 │ BRK-750 Vacuum Unit

18 │ BRK-1200 / BRK-1500 Vacuum Unit

19 │ BRK-2200 Vacuum Unit

20 │ YUVAC 3500 Regulator

21 │ YUVAC 7000 Regulator

22 │ Pipeline Components

23 │ GVR-90 Milk Pump

24 │ Drinking Bowl

25 │ Washing table

26 │ SP-250 Cluster

27 │ SP-90/SP-110 Cluster

28 │ SP-KC Cluster

29 │ SP-KY Cluster

30 │ BS Mini X Portable Milking Machine

31 │ BS1X Portable Milking Machine

32 │ BS2KC X Portable Milking Machine

33 │ BS2KY X Portable Milking Machine

34 │ BS3X Portable Milking Machine

35 │ BS4 KC X Portable Milking Machine- Goat

36 │ BS4 KY X Portable Milking Machine –

37 │ BS4X Portable Milking Machine

38 │ Milking Bucket

39 │ Milking Bucket Sheep& Goat