Factors to consider when installing a milking machine


GindexFactors to consider when installing a milking machine

How many cows do you have???

Although you can install a milking machine for just one cow, it is not an economical undertaking. If the size of the herd ranges between 5 to 10 milking cows then the single cow milking machine is suitable. A herd size above 20 animals will require bigger sized machine.

The level of milk production.

Although milking machines can be used to stimulate higher milk yields it is not justifiable to install them for a low yielding herd. Manual milking for cows that produce more than 10 litres per session is often ineffective and milking machines should be considered.

The cost and quality of manual labour

The cost of labour throughout Kenya is not high and this may not be a major consideration but buying a machine is cheaper at the long term. Where the labour costs are high, automation is necessary so as to cut costs.

But skilled milkers are scarce. Those employed to milk do not do a good job, often leaving milk in the udder. Farmers can solve this problem by going for the milking machines.


Most milking machines are powered by electricity so a source of power is important. But where there is no power other alternatives are available in which simple combustion engines or solar energy is used to drive the vacuum and milk pumps.

Machine milking routine practices

Machine milking is a highly skilled operation that requires continued use to be perfected. Cows develop habits. If you establish and maintain a persistent milking routine cows will feel comfortable and respond positively with a steady production. An important part of the procedure is the control and prevention of mastitis.

Availability of spares and service support for the machine.

At least 2 years warranty for the machine.

Training on proper use

Is it kind to your animals.

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