TESSA offers a series of Automatic Homogenizers suitable for Dairy Production. The Homogenizers are made of Stainless Steel and arrive complete with Input and Output options, Automatic Control Board and Accessories. The Production Rate can vary from 300L to 5,000L per hour.

The Homogenizers are designed to Homogenize and Emulsify Liquid Material (Liquid-Liquid Phase or Liquid-Solid Phase) with Viscosity lower than 0.2Pa.s, and Temperature lower than 80C such as in the Homogenizing and Emulsifying Procedures in producing Dairy Products, Beverages, Cosmetics, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products.

Model Type Production Rate Power Maximum Pressure Operating Pressure Main parts Material
Delivery Period
TH-025 500 L/H 5.5kW 25 20 SS-304 40-45 days
TH-125  1,000 L/H 7.5kW 25 20 SS-304 40-45 days
TH-260  2,000 L/H 18.5kW 60 50 SS-304 50-60 days
TH-325  3,000 L/H 22kW 60 50 SS-304 50-60 days
TH-420  4,000 L/H 30kW 60 50 SS-304 50-60 days
TH-840  8,000 L/H 110kW 40 35 SS-304 70-80 days



Pressure Control Adopts the Gas-Liquid Pressure-Linkage System or Mechanical Adjustment,
pressure can be easily adjusted Safely, Stably and Reliably and with High Level of Automation

High Reciprocation of Piston Frequency, Long Stroke, Uniform and Speedy Feeding

Piston Crankshaft driven by a Multi Chain System or by Gears making less usage of power
runs Smoothly and practically Noise Free

Main parts are made of Stainless Steel and Anti-Corrosive Alloy

Equipped with self Lubricating and Cooling Systems

Delivery Time: 65-85 Days

The Homogenizing System includes:

  • Electrical Control Casing
  • AISI Stainless Steel Casting
  • Pressure Gauge Assembly
  • Safety Devices
  • Set of Tools for Maintenance
  • Set of Gaskets
  • Accessories

Please contact us for further information regarding our Homogenizing Systems.