Milking Machines

Milking Machines

These come in several types like mobile or chariots, fixed bucket machines, fixed direct online machines and fixed parlour models like auto tandem, herring borne and the likes.

Mobile/portable milking machine

These represent the simplest of the milking machines mounted on trolleys with a bucket base or none to hold a maximum of 2 buckets. It is used for milking a herd of 8-10 cows per hour with one bucket and 16-20 cows per hour with 2 buckets.

Stationerymilking machine

  1. These carry 2 buckets onwards. The machine is fixed on one floor position but the milking positions can be as many as fits the herd on the farm. It is set up in pipeline milking form, with the machine mounted on the floor and has high quality accessories such as clusters comprising of; adaptor BRK pulsator, milk tubes, air and vacuum tubes, pulse tubes, set of liners, shells, claws, vacuum taps, vacuum meter and plastic vacuum regulators.

Pipeline milking machines

In this type of set up, the machines have continuous line through which milk is transported to a common receiver instead of the individual milking buckets. These are suitable for a heavy work load in a large dairy farm where production is high. It can be connected from 3 to 16 points. They remove the need for human labour during the milking process and requiring assistance only to receive, prepare and exit the cows only.

They consist of vacuum pumps, vacuum regulators, combicock milking unit, terminal unit, cooling tank, washing programmer and a washing system.

Parlour milking

These are advanced machines used where the herds are large with a heavy workload and or the highest standards of hygiene are being observed. Set in the pipeline system, they are tailored for total milking convenience carrying with them simple to sophisticated automation. The milk is transported through the line to the receiver and even to a milk cooling tank without any human intervention which is a manifestation of good hygiene