Milking Management System

Milking Management System
Milking Management System

Milking Management System

By implementing its technological abilities, ENGS provides an innovative milk management solution offering advanced hardware and software capabilities, either as part of the entire EcoHerd system or as standalone products.

The ENGS’s Milking management solution includes parlor configuration and devices parameters setup and allows for real time and continuous data processing which is received from the EcoFlow 100 milk meter and can include our unique Long Range Pedometers (LRP) for both automatic ID and advanced heat detection.

ENGS’s Milking management system hardware components enable the milker to collect valuable information in an efficient, cost effective, time conserving manner, while the EcoHerd software analyses, displays and reports the information gathered in high resolution, allowing for a continuous up to date monitoring of the milk quality and overall production.

Total dairy herd management system

The ENGS comprehensive herd management system provides you with a user friendly and professionally designed tool to meet the many challenges of daily decision-making on farm.Milk provides factual, co-related data and trends to help you manage breeding, nutrition, health monitoring and management, herd movement, buying and selling of animals, quota production management and more.Milk herd management tool modules include:
• Milking efficiency
• Animal health reports
• Veterinary module
• Drug management
• Animals for insemination
• Production (quota) management
• Cow cullingMilking Management SystemA flexible and powerful query and report generator will help you or your dairy manager create customised tools to meet your local managerial needs.Milking Management SystemFeatures:
• Cow health reports
• Comprehensive fertility analysis reports
• Production management tool
• Milking efficiency measurement
• Technical fault reportsBenefits:
• A long term solution for herd and farm operations
• Helps to make informed decisions
• Leads to profitable farm operations