Mini Batch Dairy



Mini Batch Dairy


TESSAs unique Mini Batch Dairy is based on a multi functional Batch Pasteurizer and is a perfect and friendly solution for the smaller-scale farmer.

This is a COMPLETE dairy that contains a Batch Pasteurizer which is used as the Fermentation Vat for Yogurt and Cheese after the milk is pasteurized in the same vat earlier. The Batch Pasteurizer can be used for 2 cycles a day and thus each batch can double its initial capacity per day. The Mini Batch Dairy contains a Cream Separator and a Packaging Machine which is designed and tailored according to the overall required production rate. Nevertheless, the multi functional Batch Pasteurizer can be supplied as a Stand Alone Unit.

The multi functional Batch Pasteurizer is suitable for the production rate of 500L-2000L per day and can appear at different volumes according to customers demands and needs.

As in all TESSA Mini Dairies, the customer is offered a complete full-scale, turn-key line of equipment that includes everything: we do all the Planning and give instructions regarding the Facilities of Drainage, Water, Electricity and Air. We provide Start-Up as well as training for the local team in producing the product and utilizing the equipment in the most efficient way.

We will be glad to offer and design the perfect Micro Batch Dairy for your needs

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