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About Bisstarr Milking systems

  About Bisstarr Milking Systems Bisstarr Kenya limited is devoted to being the most reliable supplier of quality,long lasting  milking systems ,coolers, pasteurisers ,homogenisers,cream separators and  hi-tech dairy management software  in East Africa with a promise of satisfying our customers and improving the lives of dairy farmers. At Bisstarr dairy related products are the specialty of our company, we are a front line supplier of various dairy equipment. The company was established with a vision to cater for the needs of the modern dairy industry in Kenya. Today we cater to the needs of the dairy industry in Kenya with ultra-modern machines such as      ♦Portable milking machines.       ♦Stationery milking machines.       ♦Automated milking systems.       ♦Milk coolers      ♦Milk pateurisers      ♦Milk homogenizers      ♦Mini batch dairy       ♦Animal Welfare software.      ♦Heat detection-tracker       ♦Dairy Management Software       ♦ Cow shed design and layout. Besides we are providing service and  installation services of all milking machines. Our specialty is to deliver robust products at the most competitive prices. Bisstarr has been constantly been providing super dairy related accessories at cost effective prices. Our company also consists of efficient engineers who service and offer consultation on all your agricultural equipment to make sure that you get profits from your farm. All machines come With 24 months Warranty! Wouldn't you rather buy from us!

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Machine milking and milking machines

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Milking machine and Mastitis

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Pros and Cons before purchasing a Milking Machine in Kenya

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Easy foam generation for pre-dipping

BS Mini X One Bucket Portable Cow Milking Machine

BS1 X One Bucket Portable Cow Milking Machine

BS 4 X Two Buckets Portable Cow Milking Machine


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